Dead Animal Removal In Sydney – Professional Carcass Removal

Whether you are a homeowner or not, dead animal removal is something that should be taken seriously. The smell of decomposing animals can become overpowering and it can even pose health risks to your family if the animal was carrying any pathogens. If you find yourself in this situation, never try to remove the animal on your own as there may be harmful bacteria present. Instead, call us for Sydney Dead Animal Removal! We will come out and take care of everything for you so that your home stays safe.

Why should I get dead animal removal in Sydney?

There are many reasons to get dead animal removal in your home. If you have a dead animal in your home, it is important that you call an expert and remove the carcass as soon as possible so that no other animals or people come into contact with it and become ill. Dead animals can carry serious diseases such as rabies if they were once alive and carrying the disease, which means that even if someone has touched the animal without gloves on then they may need medical treatment. Even if the dead animal was already decayed when found, there may be harmful bacteria still present on its body or in its fur which could cause illness to anyone who comes into contact with them. It is also very unpleasant for anyone living in a house where a dead animal has died.

What to do if you find a dead animal?

While the experience of finding a dead animal can be off-putting, it’s important for homeowners to stay calm and not touch the dead carcass especially if you don’t have the correct personal protective equipment as there are various diseases which can be spread by dead animal and you do not want to risk your or your families heath in the process.

How to get rid of dead animal smell?

The smell of a dead animal can linger for days, weeks, sometimes months if it’s not removed. Here are some steps you can try to remove the smell.

Try opening windows and turning on fans to help air out the house or building that has the smell. Some people find placing fabric softener sheets into dresser drawers helps with smells because their fragrance masks smells. Mix baking soda in cat litter and place all over the affected area Let it sit for at least 8 hours, then vacuum up Carefully remove dead animal from area Wash area thoroughly with soapy water Avoid using ammonia because this will counteract any removal efforts Use hot steamy water pot to “steam clean” porous surfaces -like carpeting- where possible.

Why it’s important to remove dead animals from your property quickly and completely

You may be wondering why it’s so important to remove dead animals from your property. The answer is simple: decomposition. Dead animal carcasses bring with them a plethora of bacteria and viruses, some of which can cause serious health problems.Another reason why it is so important to remove dead animals is it is possible that they have died due to ingesting poison and could pose a threat of secondary poisoning to native animals.

Common areas dead animals are found on property’s

Dead animal such as possums, rats and birds often die in hard to reach areas of your home that are often difficult to reach some time even impossible some of these areas include.

  • Roof voids
  • wall cavity’s
  • subfloor areas
  • underneath decks

Dead possum removal Sydney

Possums are one of the most common animals to find dead within a houses are possums typically found within roof void and subfloor areas. They are quite large animals and can leave quite a horrendous smell even if left for a short period of time and need to be removed quickly.

Dead rat and mouse removal Sydney

Rodents such as mice and rats are notorious for getting into even the smallest holes a rat can typically fit through a hole as small as a 20 cent coin and a mouse a hole the size of a 5 cent coin. They often die after consuming rodent baits it is extremely they are removed immediately so no predatory birds such as owls feed on them which can sometimes result in secondary poisoning depending on the rodent bait which as been used.

Dead bird removal Sydney

unfortunately birds commonly die in yards or inside roof voids for a range of different reason such as being accidentally caught, hitting windows or just due to natural causes and need to be removed quickly and efficiently.

The best way to dispose of carcasses safely – without posing health risks to your family

If you have ever found a dead animal on your property, it can be very scary and dangerous. One of the most important things to do is dispose of the carcass properly. What may seem like an easy solution (throwing it in the trash or even burning it) is actually hazardous for your health and environment! The best way to get rid of this carcass safely is by hiring a professional that has the correct personal protective equipment and training to remove the carcass safety and efficiently from your property without any risk to you or your family including your pets.

How much does it cost to remove a dead animal?

When an animal dies in an roof void , crawlspace, or wall it can produce a terrible stench and cause high levels of moisture. This is why homeowners need to call a pwhen they find a dead animal in their home. The average cost to remove the dead animal starts at $200 depending on how much work needs to be done. If you are interested in removing your own dead animal please contact our office for more information. We provide free estimates!

Clean & Green Pest Managers specialises in wildlife removal services that keep homes safe from animals who may be looking for food or shelter inside your house. Our trained professionals will identify where the animals are entering and exiting your property so we can determine which type of exclusion method is best suited for each specific situation


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